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Hong Kong Dreams
The question isn't when she will fall, but just how far ...
Recovering from an abusive, controlling relationship, Stephaine decides to leave her England home for a holiday get-away in Hong Kong. But, as life often goes, a risky curve ball is thrown her way. Stephaine receives a once-in-a-lifetime job offer at a Hong Kong-based international marketing company. Can she resist the smooth charm of her sophisticated, educated boss – one who gets what he wants when he wants it? Is Cheng Li's nature too similar to that of her ex or will her heart take over and throw her into the arms of another controlling man who is reminiscent of the past?
Due: 2017
Temptation of the Succubus
Can temptation conquer the desire for revenge?
Trading her soul for the chance of revenge on the god who destroyed her mortal life, Claudia is transformed into a succubus, an immortal living off the sexual energies of mortals.

Fast forward 2,000 years and Claudia still hasn't been able to avenge herself and is seriously contemplating giving up on life completely.

A series of murders in the immortal community gives her a better chance of revenge. It also brings her closer to the mortal detective Daniel Lee, a handsome cop who has no idea that he’s hunting a supernatural creature or that the beautiful woman interested in him has the ability to take part of his soul every time they have sex.

Learning of the killer’s identity, Claudia and Daniel race to bring him to justice (for Daniel it’s to court, for Claudia it’s her immortal boss). Along the way, Claudia falls madly in love with Daniel and decides that she will request to become mortal again so she can be with Daniel. However, she learns that she can both the revenge on the immortal who betrayed her all those centuries ago and still stay with Daniel, and so she works twice as hard to bring the killer in.

But when she gets the culprit, the reasons behind the murders may change her mind about giving him to her boss after all.

Due: 2017
Temptation Unbound: An Exotic Shapeshifter Novel
Can a beast really be tamed with just one gentle touch?
Wealthy businessman and shapeshifter Joseph Liu is well-known for his sharp business sense and his love for beautiful women. However, he soon finds himself being rescued by Lana Combs, a shy human woman when he is attacked by another pride of shapeshifters. Learning what he is, Joseph gives Lana a choice – either work for him and keep his secret or be killed.

Reluctantly, Lana agrees to work for him but their close proximity in the workplace causes them to give into temptation for one another. Their coming together reveals that Lana is his Other Half – the light to his darkness, the only one who can calm his beast – but is it something she can accept?

Now not only does Joseph have to convince Lana that they belong together, but he has to protect her against an unknown enemy determined to see both of them dead.
Due: 2017
Ashes of Immortality
It only takes one soul to control the fate of the world … 
Faith Nash grew up wanting to be nothing but normal but her weird parents kept her isolated for most of her life. Now she’s finally broken free of their suffocating grasp, Faith is finally living her life the way she wants to.

Until a girl’s night out ends with a bullet to her head. But when Faith rises once more, so does something else. Something that wants her soul.

Now the race is on, not only to find the answers which could save her soul, but to save the world from falling into an age of darkness from which it shall never return.
Due: 2017
Fairest: A Grimm Fairy Tale
Some fairy-tales are magic … of the darkest kind …
The Grimm fairy-tales are not a collection of innocent bedtime stories. They serve as a warning to all mortals that there are more horrors waiting out there than they could ever imagine.

Sanna is rummaging through a house sale when she discovers an old book on the Grimm fairy-tales. However, when she opens the book up she inadvertently releases all the monsters locked within the pages.

Now Sanna has to fight her way through every one of the monsters of the stories in order to save the world from becoming overrun with the darkest horrors imaginable.

Starting with Snow White, Sanna will learn that monsters can be just as pretty as princesses, and princesses can be just as evil as monsters.

Fairest is the first of five twisted fairy-tales that will never let you sleep again.

Due: 2017
Secrets: A Hidden World Novel
Life will never be the same again …
Xylia lives a normal, boring life until a freak accident almost kills her. Since then she can hear things, things that she shouldn’t be able to. Impossible things. Voices that start to drive her mad.

Transported to another world, she discovers she was kidnapped and stranded on Earth, raised as just another mortal girl. Here she is reintroduced into her rightful identity: Duchess of the Forests, and betrothed to the Elvan prince, a man so haughty and arrogant he could be permanently covered in ice.

However, not everything is right in paradise. It seems as though not everyone is happy to have Xylia back at court. A series of accidents sends Xylia into delving into the murky depths of an ancient court to discover why she was banished, all while dealing with the fact she is supposed to be marrying the prince.

And if the prince is so cold, why can’t she get these red hot thoughts of him out of her mind?

Due: 2017
Stolen Spring
In order to save the world, she must first watch it die …
Vanessa has spent her entire life to saving the environment. She’s chained herself to buildings, trees, been arrested more times than most rock stars but it’s still not enough. So when she releases an ancient nature deity in order to save a forest from becoming the next big residential estate, she thinks she’s doing something good.

She’s wrong.

A nature goddess awakes to find the world overrun with humans’ intent on destroying the place they call home. Like bugs, they must be destroyed. Every last single one of them.

Vanessa must now save the world

By destroying the only one who can save it.
Due: 2017